Don't Tell Me to Smile Business Card

Should I Get Bangs?

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Were you typing at a computer and a man told you to smile?

Were you running to catch a train and a man told you to smile?

Were you deciding if it's worth it to spend $4 more on one lotion than another, because sometimes with things like that there's not a big difference and sometimes there is a big difference, and a man told you to smile?

You could have really used this card.

You've probably always shouted something insane back to these men. Something like, "MY MOM JUST DIED!" or "FUCK OFF!" or, "HOW ABOUT YOU FUCKING SMILE!" in hopes that the individual will learn his lesson and hesitate before telling another woman to smile.

Now you can just hand the man this sturdy, beautifully designed business card and he'll get the message. You don't even have to waste your time with speech.


These cards are standard Doing Business size, and are priced for $4 for 5 cards. If you'd like to purchase in different quantities, we can do that! Just e-mail 



Please just leave women alone.

A woman doesn't exist for you to comment on.

Women aren't there for you to tell them what to do.

People tell women all. day. long. what to do.

It's not "Resting Bitch Face," it's just HER FACE.

 If a man were to yell at another man as they passed on the street, "Smile!" the only result would be confusion. And maybe some fisticuffs. Not smiles.


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